Saturday, June 25, 2005

a surge...

...of energy when the thoughts seem 'right'...when i feel that THIS is the correct path..correct mode of behavior....the behavior is characterized by less self-consciousness and by letting things flow. Freeing the mind from the pre-defined notions of correct behavior is the first step to achieving this. Letting go the thoughts, breaking the shackles of society-imposed 'cultural' regulations we are tied up by, being ourselves.
The ease of coding a computer program could act as a parameter for judging the freeness of the mind. It is easier when we don't 'hold' and let the thoughts flow.
Keep going...push push....achieve what is to be.....

Thursday, June 23, 2005

coming... some good state..then falling back into greater depth...should not think about time gets compressed...and every moment becomes precious..a state called 'do or die'..
One among many of my myriad experiences? Waiting to see what is in store?
Calmness is the key to facing any situation...probably should tell that more to myself..and really practise it.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


... is the basis for proper human existence. Clinging, attachment to results, attachment with social recognition, the fear of losing one's pride, of losing one's respect among peers....feelings driven by ego...ego arising out of fear, insecurity...always trying to conform, to comfort oneself by imagination, fancy delusions....creates a false sheath of self-security on the outer plane of thoughts, while the mind insides struggles, convinces itself, tries to keep itself from drifting away from it's supposed 'correct path for being stress-free and happy'.
Escapism comes out in the form of obsessive compulsive behaviors, and blogging is one of them.