Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Transformation or Rebirth...

...is simply to recapture and redevelop the inherently sound or pure mind along with its manifest behaviors.("Something that was always there.")

Rom Landau: "How did you come to that state of unity with everything?"

J. Krishnamurti: "People have asked me about that before, and I always feel that they expect to hear the dramatic account of some sudden miracle through which I suddenly became one with the universe. Of course nothing of the sort happened. My inner awareness was always there; though it took me time to feel it more and more clearly; and equally it took time to find words that would at all describe it. It was not a sudden flash, but a slow yet constant clarification of something that was always there. It did not grow, as people often think. Nothing can grow in us that is of spiritual importance. It has to be there in all its fullness, and then the only thing that happens is that we become more and more aware of it. It is our intellectul
reaction and nothing else that needs time to become more articulate, more definite."


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