Monday, May 30, 2005

photo by Helga Piatscheck


Anonymous Helga said...

Dear Kiran ...

How wonderful to surf the internet ... and find the photo of my 2-years-old granddaughter Jalissa, sitting zazen on my kitchen-table ... on your blog :-)
Thoughts ..... memories ... remembrance .... of those blissful early years of Jalissa's earth life
with me ..... in close presence.
We ARE two buddhas of a feather :-)
Jalissa is almost 6 years old and is now living with her birthmother.
We still meet in the void, the stillness, the source ..... in joy and love .... and even in a picture encounter on a blog on the internet :-)

In the Love that we Are,
smiles and very much metta,
Helga (Piatscheck)

10:29 PM  

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