Thursday, March 23, 2006


"If he is on God's side he is one of us, and it does not matter in the
least whether he calls himself a Hindu or a Buddhist, a Christian or a
Mohammedan, whether he is an Indian or an Englishman, a Chinaman or a
Russian. Those who are on His side know why they are here and what they
should do, and they are trying to do it; all the others do not yet know
what they should do, and so they often act foolishly, and then try to
invent ways for themselves which they think will be pleasant for
themselves, not understanding that all are one, and that therefore only
what the One wills can ever be really pleasant for any one. They are
following the unreal instead of the real. Until they learn to
distinguish between these two, they have not ranged themselves on God's
side, and so this discrimination is the first step."



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