Sunday, July 31, 2005

keeping on...

...thinking..about the aim probably gets us somewhere..and helps us achieve the desirable....but it is the art of maintaining the flow which has to be cultivated.
Distractions...the thoughts which keep invading the mind..come in ..and the silly mind flows away with them ending up completely forgetting the aim...and finally when it realizes and wants to come is fatigued, uninterested..and needs further energy and has to start all over again.
From the miniscule seems that success lies in continuity of work towards the goal...continuity of thought..even if it is as rough as a cascade in the beginning, it should still flow without getting diverted or drying up...until it becomes a mighty, confident yet placid river...well on it's way to it's destination.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


JK on children

"You are obliged in some matters to be imitative; as in the clothes you put on, in the books you read, in the language you speak. These are all forms of imitation. But it is necessary to go beyond this level and feel free to think things out for yourself so that you do not thoughtlessly accept what somebody else says, it does not matter who it is - a teacher in the school, a parent, or one of the great religious teachers. To think out things for yourself, and not follow, is very important; because following indicates fear, does it not? The moment somebody offers you something you want - paradise, heaven, or a better job - there is fear of not getting it; therefore you begin to accept, to follow. So long as you want something, there is bound to be fear; and fear cripples the mind so that you cannot be free".

. . . . .

"Is this all too difficult? I don't think it is as difficult as your geography or mathematics. It is much easier, only you have never thought about it. You spend perhaps ten or fifteen years of your life in school acquiring information, yet you never take time - not a week, not even a day - to think fully, completely about any of these things. That is why it all seems so difficult; but it is not really difficult at all. On the contrary, if you give time to it you can see for yourself how your mind works, how it operates, responds. And it is very important to begin to understand your own mind while you are young, otherwise you will grow up following some tradition which has very little meaning. you will imitate, which is to keep on cultivating fear, and so you will never be free".

. . . . .

"So, while you are young you should awaken within yourself the flame of discontent; you should be in a state of revolution. This is the time to inquire, to discover, to grow; therefore insist that your parents and your teachers educate you properly. Do not be satisfied merely to sit in a classroom and absorb information about this king or that war. Be discontented, go to your teachers and inquire, find out. If they are not intelligent, by inquiring you will help them to be intelligent; and when you leave the school you will be growing into maturity, into real freedom. Then you will continue to learn right through life till you die, and you will be a happy, intelligent human being".

- JK

Where are they?

"And somewhere there are engineers
Helping others fly faster than sound.
But, where are the engineers
Helping those who must live on the ground?"

-- Young Oxfam Poster

Monday, July 04, 2005

sleep... a way to escape an excuse..and an addictive way to escape

Reading latest convincing the mind of doing something purposeful a way to escape

Blogging (might include the one im typing now) another way to escape

Internet itself is sometimes a bane and provides a outlet for a entrapped , confused , soul...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

go on....

...with the flow....its tight...time is precious...but still the old remnants..of the habits...of the tendency to escape still linger...probably i am typing this right now....

go on...lets see what happens...just go on and on....