Wednesday, January 04, 2006


An organized religion can produce mere social reform and superficial changes. A Church exists only within the framework of a Society. And I am talking of a religious revolution which will take us beyond the psychological structure of society, of any society. A truly religious man is free of all fear, for he is free of the patterns created by the many civilizations over thousands of years. He is also free from the past, personal and collective, and his future is not distorted by the pressure of his own actions. He is free, vital and totally silent. Silence is important, which is a measureless state, knowable as beyond experience, beyond words, beyond thought, an uncreated energy. Without this creative silence there can be no brotherhood and peace and no true religion ...

Freedom is the very heart of true religion. Religious organizations deny man this essential freedom, in spite of their assertions to the contrary. Self-knowledge is not prayer, it is the door to meditation. Freedom is not based on a set of psychological theories nor is it a state of surrender in the expectation of grace. It destroys the constraints imposed by religion or society. It is a state of total attention, and not of concentration on the particular.



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