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inertia which carries me like this ? ...or the old habits which have programmed the body, the subconscious mind to avoid ?....telling myself that this is correct...
the body and mind become dull when pressure decreases..or when the mind perceives that pressure is not there...lack of tension breeds in inaction...old habits..habits which caused the storm which came and went (did it?)....come back to haunt...have the potential to bring about another storm if not recognized and curbed....

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Message from Bodhidarma 11-13-05

Gerald Brown
November 13, 2005

I am Bodhidharma, a Zen Buddhist monk. My origin is from central Asia.
I am with you today because of my affiliation with Plato. During my
many years of meditation I spent much of this experience with him.
This is why I've come to you at this time to help explain the
processes that you're using to help interact and to give you a line of
alliances to follow. Every time humanity reaches a point of clarity
our job is to introduce them to clarity with the process they are
using, at this time in the physical ramification that fits this
coordinated process. In other words, different cultures at different
times are involved technology-wise in different ways. With all of
these differences we have to become aware of where they are in a
technological process and introduce the new energetic field of knowing
in a way that they can understand, with whatever technology they have
at the time.

OK, now we will start. The pleation magnetic abstracting process that
you have been given by your English friends was introduced into their
elevated environment of awareness sometime in the past by us. These
boys have an important part to contribute to the process all of you
are embarking on at this time. It also has a lot to do with the
transference of platonic environment that was ingested by your friend
from Belgium. In fact, his background is from a very well-known and
respected group of Pleations that have been working with him for many
years while building the platonic shapes. At this time, he is guided
from two different realms of conscious beings from universal
awareness. They have many more plans for his talents in the future.
Once he establishes his direct line of trust, his pure form will be
allowed to gather data from the source.

You all can have the mental capability of creating whatever you want,
but without a direct line of trust you stay pretty much anchored in a
fear based belief system. Many of you are now learning to release the
mental toxins of a stagnated environment that plug you up. What
you're learning to do now is trust the information you're getting from
all over the world. You're starting to draw in each other, because
energy follows energy. It isn't as if it happened on its own.
Everything has to be a continuation from the original thought. The
great intent that is being put out by all the individuals that are
coming together is allowing the combined energy to work together.
This is also the reason you keep needing feedback on the information
that comes in, because energy follows energy. Without feedback,
information dries up. If you didn't have an original source for water,
like some sort of reservoir, the river would dry up. Energy is
similar. Information can only continue when the group effort responds.
Each single being has a tremendous role in re-educating the planet as
a whole. The more energetic fields received from individuals, the more
complete the process of understanding becomes. This is why I have
been drawn in at this time. It got to a point where enough people
wanted answers. This created a compacted charge that allowed my
expertise to become part of your interaction.

The next step is explaining to you the complete and full consciousness
of animal, plant and mineral life forms, combined with human
extraction. What has been lost is the full connection of all these
life forms, which tie together each others' missing links. Notice how
some people just love animals and others just love plants and still
others love nature. These are all pieces of you that are trying to
reconnect. You do not feel whole without this connection. I understand
it seems like it's overdone sometimes. There is the tremendous feeling
that is put out where you want to realign with these other life forms
and become one. This is why we are showing you different methods of
drawing out information from the plant and mineral kingdom that will
enhance your performance in the human connection.

The "We" energy is not just connecting with only humans, but also
with all other matters of life that you share with this dimension.
This is why abstracting knowledge from crystals is a very reliable and
complete way for information to become part of your mental inventory.
You have been shown by Kris how to use magnetic energy to draw this
energy from a crystal into water where it can be ingested. At this
point you create a wonderful communication line with this crystal life
form. It has many millenniums of information that can be part of your
understanding and used to enhance and broaden your horizon of
knowledge and understanding. Each crystal has a full and complete
encyclopedia of knowledge that it has recorded throughout all times in
existence. Learning to establish a communication line between all
forms of life in your region allows for a complete cycle of
understanding between animal, mineral and plant; all three major life
forms working together. This is why we have you changing the
frequency in the plants that you're working with in your greenhouse.
As you notice, your second-generation has a much more vibrant and
stronger energy than its original parents. This whole system is going
to show you that you are a tremendous part of this increase of the
plant kingdom.

You're basically doing the same thing with the plants that you are
doing with the water. You're raising the consciousness level so that
when any of you interact with the plant or water energies, the
combination opens up doors of knowledge that have been suppressed for
millenniums. This is what you're being shown when changing the
elements of frequencies in the plant kingdom. You can see the
tremendous change in just the second generation that you're
experiencing at this time. You will also notice when you ingest the
product of these plants, it will help you shift your dimensional
consciousness just as the water is doing at this time. What my
colleagues and I are experiencing as we observe this tremendous shift
of consciousness within the plant kingdom, is how the upgrade in
electrons are quickly moving the energetic field around the area that
you preside in. This energetic field works similar to the way you're
transforming one charged bottle of water into another just by placing
them in proximity of each other. The same process will start an
interaction of the electrons produced by these new energetic plants
with the different trees and shrubs in the vicinity. They will pick up
this frequency and duplicate it in its own element of being. I know
this seems quite fantastic! It is!

There are approximately 19 stages of this process going on in a
collective controlled environment throughout the planet. Some are
aware of this process, as you are and some are being directed without
realizing that they are introducing a new species into the dimensional
change. It is interesting that some of them being brought in are in
the vicinity of synagogues and churches because of the very high
vibration produced by the music. Water transcended and transformed
much earlier, as it has in Lourdes, France. There are many ways this
new field is being transformed into a process of function, so that it
can become a particle force in an exchange into a frequency that
balances with a much truer match than it has until now.

Most of you that are working on this project will experience a shift
on how you feel physically. Your body is starting to emulate this new
vibratory collage of new overlapped processes and it will become what
it is exposed to. This will give you much more insight on the creative
power points you have to work with in the new place you're starting to
preside in. Remember, this can only take place if the intention is
there. Explaining how this whole new way of experiencing life is not
an easy task because of the lack of reference points that are
available. It's like saying that you will feel much better! Better
than what? What kind of better? There really isn't a good verbal
explanation that defines the difference that you will be experiencing.
The best way I can explain it is you will feel much lighter and that
you also will realize that being concerned about anything does not
have any merit in everyday life. This alone should take away much of
the discomfort from how you feel throughout your life, because when
you're balanced and stay that way, you just automatically deal with
everything that approaches you without any fear. Anytime you live in
this atmosphere, drawing discomfort or misery to you is impossible.

Now back to how these electrons you're using to change the formulated
process in different plant life and the life in water, interact in a
different way than you are familiar with. The food value in anything
that has the same match will have tremendous input on how your body
operates. If you notice the greenhouses that you attracted to you
have a tremendous energy field that attracts certain energies from the
sun that are not available in the normal scheme of things. These
plants are being retrained to grow to a level that allows the body to
follow a creative process that has not been obtained, until this form
had been introduced into the third dimensional consciousness and put
to work raising this dimension to the new formulation of awareness.
This is why, until now, this process has been waiting to come in and
enhance the value of the foods frequency. It wasn't able to come in
until the universal process was very close to switching over. You will
notice how much faster everything is coming together with all the new
knowledge and concepts that are being introduced now. The fact that
you're able to comprehend all this new information is quite
phenomenal. Even our group over here is impressed with the progress
many of you are achieving.

The next step is learning to operate with the new vibrational
frequency that the planet is changing into. In order to survive in
this environment understanding and living by universal law is what
allows this change to take place. So, basically as more people become
aware of the true meaning of life, this is what assists the transition
into the next step of consciousness. The ones that cannot make this
step will physically shut down and repolarize into another physical
reality were they can continue their life experience in the third

The water that you have been introduced to has a pulsating factor that
resonates with a much more complete awareness of understanding and
this is why some of you can feel some discomfort as you are adjusting
to this new field. It is not the fault of the water it is the
intention that is put out. When the intention is put out with a
higher frequency than the physical body is emitting it takes awhile
for the two of them to combine to a vibrational match and this is what
some of you are experiencing now.

Also there are a number of you and some of you don't even realize it
is that your original origin is not of the earth's plane. The energy
shift is affecting you in a constellated way which causes you much
confusion on your directional accuracy. I suggest when this is taking
place to be aware what is going on because you tend to blame others
for your mental discomfort. It usually is the strongest interaction
between male and female because of the tremendous emotional difference
between the two. The most successful way to deal with any of this is
to align your intents with you goals. I know this sound's like a
contradiction but it takes some sort of intent to reach a goal. Your
intent at this time is to switch over and match the new energies of
the realm of consciousness that you preside in. One of the best ways
to interact with the new vibratory exchange is when you have any
mental or physical discomfort, offer this discomfort up to the all and
this allows an even distribution of this experience to the ones that
are in the process of the new conscious creation patterns.

The Lemurian water that has been introduced to you has a powerful
transformation value which is able to penetrate the cells of your
physical structure and intercede with a conscious growth that has not
been obtained since the ancients constructed the process of evolution.
If you notice the interest which is drawn from others is becoming more
prominent, this is an energetic field that many of you have created in
the surrounding azonic elements that interact with the vibrational
frequency and allow it to start stepping up to more elevated points of
recognition where you're able to understand concepts that were not
available prior to this discovery. Now you have been introduced to an
energy crystal called a Moldavite which was found in Czechoslovakia
and was thought it was from a meteorite impact. The reason they think
it was a meteorite is, because it did not match the surrounding area
and actually it was place there by a group of extraterrestrial beings
so it could be distributed around the planet so it could bring in new
knowledge that was not available until now. There's two of these
crystalline life forms which are being introduced to certain ones that
come in to help the process of dimensional exclusion and realignment.

This exquisite Crystal holds much knowledge from many different
pulses of time space continuum. Introducing this Moldavite
consciousness with all its elevated properties of knowledge will give
you a tremendous boost in understanding the universal dialogue of
criteria which keeps the solar system in a vibrational pattern so it
cannot be interrupted with by any discordant patterns of energy.

By applying the same process you did with the Lumerion Crystal with
the magnets and laser you will be able to draw this information from
this ancient collective awareness of knowledge that never was
available until now. Pay close attention to your guidance system on
how to apply this process so you can release information from this
beautiful Crystal. A lot of it cannot be transmitted verbally it will
be introduced into a form that you feel from within your energetic
power points of your body. The reason you are having such a difficult
time receiving this information is because you're past the point of
having a verbal way of explaining this process. By using the Moldavite
Crystal, it will teach you a communication line of endless
possibilities that you never experienced in the physical construct
before. This is enough information for now it has been a very welcome
pleasure to interact with beings that have intention of extending
themselves into a clarity that hasn't been part of your curricula for
a long time.

Thank you, this is from Bodhidarma.