Monday, March 28, 2005


...of 'possible' higher states in the early hours of the dawn. Glimpses or just imagination and self-deception? A gale, a hurricane recently passed by, to be replaced with strong wind, a wind blowing on since ages, bringing in the most unexpected experiences which could never have been imagined. Certainly the winds have not yet broken the young tree, they have only made it stronger, more resistant to withstand the storms which might lie ahead in it's future. In the process they sap out other essential ingredients needed for the growth and sustenance of the tree, creating a strange paradox which asks us the question whether these turbulent times are really beneficial ? It is upto the tree now to use it's experience and self-control in making proper use of these essential resources in ensuring its survival in this growingly aggresive and competitive world. Oh my dear living entity! You already have everything you desire for....put an end to your imagination about reaching that perfect utopian state and look at what you have. Self-confidence and concentration are what will make you ...what you wish for.


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