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Message from Zaratushtra

You should learn to estimate the acts, the ideas and to be released
from all that vain and human, that prevents your advancement on the
Beloved Zaratushtra, January 2, 2006

I AM Zaratushtra, again come to you through this messenger. Distance
in time which separates us from the previous meeting, not so
considerable, however the distance which you have overcome in the
consciousness, especially those who on a regular basis read dictations
given by us through this messenger, so significant. To compare it is
possible only with flash of a super new star, the star of reason and
Divine consciousness which has lit up your minds and hearts since time
of our last meeting.

I look after your condition of consciousness. I have such opportunity.
And I see you who have risen on a new level of consciousness with the
help of reading of these dictations, like flashes of new stars in
darkness which continues to shroud the Earth.

Each of you lights up small space around, shining to those people
which are met in a daily life. However, the more similar stars and
asterisks will flash on the Earth, the more joyful and bright will be
the general atmosphere reigning on a planet.

Behind daily fuss you do not take notice of those changes which occur
in your consciousness; therefore believe me. And, if we will manage to
keep in the near future the same rates of your consciousness growth,
already at a life of nowadays living generation you'll feel favorable
shifts on a planet. Shifts directed not aside technical progress to
which the planet followed all this time, but the shifts directed to
the side of spiritual progress, to the side of soul growth. And as you
will get the increasing and greater accord with the Supreme Worlds,
penetration of these worlds into your world will become more and more
appreciable. And it is what we obtain, and it is for what we call you.

When you are plunged constantly in an atmosphere of non-belief in
which negative energies and qualities are reigning, it is difficult
for you to feel our vibrations, and it is difficult for you to feel
connection with the Divine world. However, the increasing numbers of
you, yet being in the big cities, are capable even if for a short time
so ennoble the consciousness that receive an opportunity to touch the
thin worlds. And, the more number of you will be able to consciousness
eminence and to the thin worlds travels, the especially faster rates
of changes to the side of the Divine Way development will be on a
planet. You are now located in the lowest point of materiality. And
consequently influence of dark energies on you is so great, that you
are literally shrouded in these energies. They have swaddled you, and
you cannot find sufficient freedom for moving in space and time. And
it is difficult for you to imagine those opportunities and those
horizons which can open at any moment in your human consciousness; it
is enough to you to show qualities of tendency and belief only.

Therefore, in what condition there would be your souls and how you'd
have been burdened with your current affairs and human problems,
always remember that all this temporarily. And as soon as you will
manage to make first, not yet confident step to comprehension of the
Divine reality and to make a call for help as all Ascended Assemblies
and angels will rush like mad to you to the aid. Let you do not be
confused, that the help will not be rendered to you instantly. We need
time to combine external circumstances and shovel away the karmic
blockages. But, as a rule, what you ask us about in the prays and in
the letters, is carried out to some extent. It is necessary to you to
make only small everyday efforts. Your prays sometimes are not
important in themselves because you yet have no that reading of prays
momentum which is necessary to have real effect. But your daily
efforts will be remunerated by all means. Because we understand and we
appreciate, as at times it is embarrassing to you to give even some
minutes for a pray. Because it seems that everything what surrounds
you, opposes to you as soon as you seriously start to be engaged in
performance of your duties which you have taken up in your letters to
Karmic Board or have simply shown tendency of heart and have decided
to devote to sacred work some time disinterestedly.

Do not beware of any obstacles which rise before you in your world.
Because obstacles speak only that it is necessary to overcome them. If
you overcome obstacles every day, and every day will carry out the
duties which you for this time assigned, the momentum tendency which
is turned out by you , in due course will help you with your prays.
Because your prays will find in due course the increasing and big force.

You pray at all words, you pray by the hearts, by an impulse of your
hearts. And we always see you when you sincerely create your pray.
During this moment you blaze similarly to huge flash of light, and
this flash serves as a signal for us and angels, and we direct to you
to the aid.

You know, that those prays operate in the best way which you say in
the heart sincerely and disinterestedly.

Therefore, when Jesus spoke that you should seclude yourself and close
a door in a room where you create prays it is completely correct
advice. Because any public pray bears on itself a seal of hypocrisy.

And many of those who daily attend churches or prayful houses make it
more of sanctimony and hypocrisy, than from a point of true belief and

Be able to distinguish this condition inside yourself. Do not be
cunning and not play the hypocrite before you. There isn't in your
world another judge, except for you. And you should learn to estimate
the deeds, the ideas and to be released from all that fussy and human,
that prevents your movement on the Way.

And in the final score you needn't any external person in charge
because your main judge always is inside you. This your Supreme I,
your moral code, yours I of the Christ.

Therefore useful to you will be to analyze all your deeds which you
have made for a day. Take as a rule literally some minutes before
dream to dedicate the analysis of last day and your deeds which you
have made for a day. Do not judge yourself sternly for your mistakes
which you have admitted. Also do not allow your carnal mind to involve
you again and again in those inappropriate situations in which you got
within day. Simply assess a situation, and firm in the heart make the
decision never to not be involved into this negative condition or
unseemly action any more. Ask your Supreme I about the help that it
would prompt you at the moment when you will stand next time on a
threshold of a similar situation, and would help you to make a correct

Never allow longer, than one minute to be concentrated on any negative
events of day. It is enough for you to assess event simply. Because,
when you think too much and analyze for a long time a negative
situation you feed its energy. And in a result create a clot of
negative energy which will wander on space and to be drawn to those
people, whose vibrations coincide with vibrations of this negative
energies clot. Thus you will create literally reasons of your future
problems and your future situations.

Your consciousness should keep constantly the cleanliness which is
inherent in small children. Cut from yourself any poor-quality
negative conditions.

Imagine, that you take a knife and cut from yourself those ideas and
persuasive conditions of which cannot get rid. Try to replace these
negative conditions in the positive images and feelings. Contemplate
before the internal look beautiful flowers, pictures of the nature,
listen to quiet soft music. It will be very useful to immerse before
dream in meditation of stars and galaxies pictures. Listen and try to
hear a voice of silence which comes to you from depths of cosmos and

I have given you provisions for meditation. And I leave you today in
hope that you will take advantage of my advices and recollect them
when they will be necessary for you.

I AM Zaratushtra and I stand in a flame of Divine harmony.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Mihael Slobodin


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